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The Podgorjanska and Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine roads, which are definitely worth exploring, cross the hills of the Brežice municipality. You have the opportunity to taste (and purchase) wines from both wine regions in the wine cellar of the Brežice Town Hall. Or you can find out which wine excites you most and head straight to the wine makers themselves!

The Podgorjanska wine road

Located on the right bank of the Sava River, this wine road is an homage to the Cviček, a Slovenian wine specialty. Cviček is a light acidic red wine. It is unique because it is made from both red and white grapes. In the Gadova Peč Inn, also known as the cradle of the Cviček, the locals set up a system of on duty vineyard cottages open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday or any day by making a phone reservation. There, they will serve you their Cviček together with delicious local specialities  to make it even more appealing.

The Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine road

The Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine road is located on the left bank of the Sava river where, among other excellent wines, the red and the white Bizeljčan are being made. This sort was awarded the  PTP (recognized traditional denomination) in 2009 and has kept it ever since. When going there, you should make sure to visit the repnice wine cellars. The repnice are actually caves dug out of siliceous sand, which was washed ashore in this area millions of years ago by the Pannonian Sea.