The lovely smell of home cooking


In the restaurants, pizzerias and taverns of Brežice, it always smells - of local and home-made food. Your taste buds will be spoiled by delicious flavors, and rich menus will ensure that everyone will find something for themselves. Tip: don't forget the house specialties.

Confluence of Tastes

Would you like to taste the destination? Brežice is traditionally a rich gastronomic area with a wide variety of dishes and high-quality wines. In the Brežice town centre, you can find the restaurant Ošterija Debeluh, a MICHELIN Plate restaurant. Chef Jure Tomič captivates guests with creative dishes made from local ingredients and proves that cuisine is an art. If you prefer more traditional dishes, you can go to a tourist farm or other restaurants that focus on traditional cuisine. Or you can go for a ramble on one of the wine roads and try local wines in vineyard cottages or in repnica.

A stroll through Brežice offers a unique gastronomic experience

Due to the two wine roads that cross this hilly landscape, Brežice offers a unique gastronomic experience. There, along the Podgorjanska and Bizeljsko-Sremiška wine roads, you will be greeted by friendly houses, Holiday Farms, village inns and wineries, which will serve excellent wine and local delicacies produced by the locals themselves. Prepare yourself for a delicious smell of roast chicken with mlinci, Slovenian pasta tatters made from thin dried dough, roast pork, cured meat products  and cheese cake. If you are visiting the Bizeljsko region, make sure you try the typical Bizeljsko buckwheat cake. 

The local wine and cuisine

The local wine and cuisine are also well-known at some bigger events in Brežice, which are already becoming traditional and you should not miss.

Culinary pampering for all tastes

Many opportunities for culinary pampering can also be found in the Old Town of Brežice where excellent restaurants attract visitors with their broad offer for all tastes. Guests with a sweet tooth can indulge in one of the local pastry shops.