Dear visitors, welcome to Brežice!

With rounded hills, the fringe of the Gorjanci mountain-range, the green around the confluence of the rivers Sava and Krka, the vineyards, waters and castles,  the municipality of Brežice is a crossroads of different worlds. There is a rich natural and cultural heritage, as well as a lively social life (with more than 200 active clubs and societies) and a blooming development of tourism which has become an increasingly important activity of this region. 

Strolling through the main road of the old centre of the town, a historical pearl of architecture, the path will lead you to the mighty Brežice Castle with its magnificent Knight’s hall (Viteška dvorana) and further towards the old bridge over the Sava and the Krka rivers, where several foreign movies have been shot. In the centre of the town you will also come across the water-tower, the symbol of the town and the municipality of Brežice.

The development of the local tourism, the most perspective branch of the local economy,  is based on maintaining the natural environment of the town. Therefore an untouched nature (the natural reservation Jovsi, part of the Kozjanski regional park), (ecological) agriculture and tourism are integrated in the municipality of Brežice. There are numerous holiday farms and restaurants where besides delicious food and a friendly environment different events are organized for guests. With a hearty hospitality we are constantly trying to improve our service.

The municipality of Brežice is looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Ivan Molan,


Tourist information centre

Tourist information centre