Discover the mysterious history and architecture of the castles


Many mighty castles well worth visiting are located in Brežice and its surroundings. Most of them are renovated and open for tourists. Magnificent buildings which once served as a refuge from the invading Turks are nowadays designed to welcome tourists or host weddings and other protocolar  events.

Digital Castle Room of Posavje Castles

The Digital Room of the Castles of Posavje is a good example of digital innovation of the cultural heritage of the castles of Posavje. The digitised content of the cultural heritage of the castles on display in the Digital Room at Terme Čatež is presented in an attractive way through 3D models, 360-degree images and video with 3D models and presentations of the offers of the castles involved. The castles that have been the subject of digital innovation are Rajhenburg Castle, Brežice Castle, the former Cistercian monastery Kostanjevica na Krki, Sevnica Castle, Mokrice Castle and the castle ruins of Svibno and Kunšperk. The castle ruins are captured in the form of an attempt at 3D reconstruction. The digital room is located in Terme Čatež, next to the Urška Confectionery.

Entrance is free.



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