Where to go if it rains


The weather can be very unpredictable, so you should be too. The first step in any weather situation is to stay positive. We also prepared some suggestions for an unforgettable and active vacation even if it rains.


Posavje Museum Brežice

Enter the world within the castle walls and visit the Posavje Museum Brežice, which is situated in the Brežice Castle. The written history of the castle goes back to the 13th century, but it was definitely build even earlier. While viewing the exhibitions in the museum, you can also see the Chapel of St Cross and stand on the staircase famous for its murals. The last step on the way down will take you to the caste wine cellar, which is also a great place for wine tasting. However, the main attraction is definitely the Knight’s Hall, a first-class Baroque gallery with mythological motives representing the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air.

Traditional craft also includes blacksmithing. In Pišece, the Podgoršek Blacksmith Museum presents many different tools used by blacksmiths.

We recommend you to call in advance if you want to see these exhibitions and collections.

Stories of the Old Town Centre

Taking a walk in the rain through the old town centre? Great idea! The old town centre of Brežice is a cultural monument. If you want to explore the history of the town, many information boards mark all the important buildings and archaeological diggings.

In the middle of the town centre, there is the Brežice Town Hall with the tourist information centre and a shop with local products. Take some time to discover the local products and buy a souvenir that will remind you of this town. All wine lovers can visit the winery in the Town Hall with a diverse offer of wines by local winegrowers. Everybody can find something for himself or herself.

Move away your umbrella just for a moment and look up where you will be able to see the over a decade old water tower, which was once used for the supply of fresh water to the town. Today, it is a monument of the technical and cultural heritage and a symbol of Brežice.


Love at First Bite

People like good food and drinks, and rain is another good reason and opportunity to slow down and taste the local cuisine.

In the northern part of the city centre, you can visit the restaurant of the family-run hotel Splavar, where they navigate between modern guidelines and tradition and use only local ingredients. Further north, there is the restaurant Ošterija Debeluh, which was the first restaurant to place Brežice on the Michelin list. The owner, chef, and sommelier Jure Tomič respects the traditional and typical recipes from the local environment, and he also likes to experiment with local ingredients to achieve an even richer taste. Ošterija Debeluh is placed in the Michelin Guide for receiving the MichelinPlate, which designates a restaurant that uses fresh ingredients for carefully prepared dishes and provides a homely atmosphere. Jure is also an ambassador of local wines. At the Debeluh’s marriage between food and wine, there will be love at first bite – and at first sip!


Relaxing in Spas

There is a magical power in water. If it pours outside, you can go and relax in Terme Paradiso. Uncouple yourself from daily stress and detoxify your body in one of their eight saunas. Discover the Paradiso oasis where you can enjoy the boutiqueness, relax in a naturist pool, and reap the health benefits of thermal water and the heat of saunas. This is also the perfect time for pampering and relaxation in the wellness centre.

Terme Čatež is the biggest indoor pool complex in Slovenia. The Winter Thermal Riviera is a real water paradise with a closed slide with light effects, an artificial wave pool, water massage beds, a wild river and many other water attractions. Discover the world of water fun, perfect for parents and children, 365 days a year.

Najger repnica cave

Repnicas – Discover the Unique World of Bizeljsko

Have you ever heard of repnicas? They are unique for the area of Bizeljsko, approximately 15 km from Brežice, also known for their viticulture.

You will enter the underground, because a repnica is a cave dug in hard quartz sand, once used for storing turnip, which was the main feed for livestock during winter – giving them their distinct name (‘repa’ is Slovenian for turnip). Many winegrowers turned them into wine storage caves that also enable tasting of the wines from the Bizeljsko-Sremič wine region.


Visit Local Exhibitions and Museums

On a rainy day, you can go see exhibitions by families where locals will present interesting anecdotes from the past. The Ban’s Farm is one of the oldest farms in town and is still covered with straw. Those who like antiquities can go to the Rizelj family where you can view items that were used by our ancestors. Nostalgia guaranteed.

In Bizeljsko, you can see two collections: The Collection of Majolicas by the Babič family is connected with viticulture and will enthral you with the paintings and stories on more than 1500 different majolicas; while the collection held by the Travnikar family includes antiquities such as tools and other items used by locals for everyday chores.

Traditional craft also includes blacksmithing. In Pišece, the Podgoršek Blacksmith Museum presents many different tools used by blacksmiths.

We recommend you to call in advance if you want to see these exhibitions and collections.


Local Wine Tasting

Posavje is famous for high-quality wines grown in two wine-growing areas along two wine roads. Perfect for everybody who like to taste great wine and learn the stories of local winegrowers, with a nice view at the wine-growing hills.

The Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Road in the north is known for the repnice. The typical wines are White and Red Bizeljčan. Near Bizeljsko, in Stara vas,the company Istenič produces sparkling wines of the highest quality. The Istenič family is producing sparkling wine using the classical method for over 50 years. In their wine cellar, you can observe the production process, and then taste their sparkling wines in the tasting hall or on the beautiful sunlit terrace.

The Podgorjanska Wine Road lies on the right bank of the Sava River – locals also call it Kranjska. Gadova peč is the cradle of Cviček, which is a unique type of wine due to its taste and production method. Besides the Chianti from Tuscany, it is the only wine in the world that combines white and red grapes. Cviček is recognised as a protected local tradition.


Tourist information centre

Tourist information centre