Klakočar-Wissel Wine Cellar – Bizeljsko Castle


Bizeljska vas 20, 8259 Bizeljsko

Within an almost 50 year tradition of wine-making by the Klakočar-Wisell family and 30,000 vines from our own ecological production we proudly offer you a variety of unique selections of excellent wines made from rare harvests and all sorts of gorgeous predicate wines. We can offer you wines for all tastes and occasions! In our annual offer, there is of course the rare, yet very interesting old indigenous sort called “Rumeni plavec”. During a wine tasting in our beautiful rustic castle-cellar, suitable for hosting 60 people, it will be easy for you to choose wines for all occasions. The Wisell Winery opens their castle-door on weekends, bank holidays or upon prior arrangement. Private events for large groups should be arranged in advance. Welcome to our world! “Life is too short to drink bad wine!” as we say in Slovenia.