Children’s adventures

Putting a big smile on your toddlers’ faces


While you take time off for yourself, your children can enjoy numerous adventures, that we have  prepared just for them. You can join them on a fairy tale stroll through Brežice, or leave them in the safe hands of the friendly entertainers from the Brežice Youth Centre, while you relax in Brežice without worries.

A virtual castle adventure

A virtual exhibition of castles in Posavje is located in the Terme Čatež complex, next to the Urška cafe and confectionery. There is an interactive board that shows you the castle's location or coordinates, and by clicking on it, it projects a model of the castle. "VR glasses" are also available, which will take you around local castles and will undoubtedly convince you to visit them in person. Access to e-Castle content is free.


Traditional Ferryboat on the Sava River

Near Brežice in the village Mostec, a unique traditional ferryboat is still operating on the Sava River, which can be a special experience. Visitors are daily transported across the Sava River from Terme Čatež to Mostec and back.

This unique ride will enthuse you. The ferryboat operates all year round as long as the water level is suitable. You can combine the trip with a visit to the pleasant and homely village of Mostec, eat something in the nearby restaurants Krulc and Cetin, or you can explore the trails along the Sava River, which lead across the embankment to the wonderful Sava rapids.

Ferry on the Sava river

Visit the Mighty Brežice Castle

The mighty Brežice Castle famous for its beautiful baroquely painted Knight’s Hall makes a special impression on everybody. The castle also hosts the Posavje Museum Brežice, which can take you and your children on a real castle adventure.

The museum contains attractive exhibitions portraying the ancient way of life in this area, peasant revolts, life of the wealthy bourgeoisie of Posavje, and much more. In the castle, there are also many workshops and activitiesfor children, which enable children to explore the castle in their own way. In the meantime, parents can view the exhibitions in more detail.

Brežice Castle

Activities in the Brežice Park

Only a few steps from the Brežice Castle, there is the beautiful castle park where you and your children can relax in nature. The park also has a short learning trail and a playground for children, who can play on a wooden train, climb and ride the slide, or test their balance on hanging logs. For additional fun and action, there is also an outdoor gym with fitness equipment. At the edge of the park, there is the Youth Hostel Brežice, where you can get refreshing drinks on the terrace of the MC Club and enjoy the view of the park.

Brežice Town Park

Fun and Bathing in Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso

Both Terme Čatež and Terme Paradiso are perfect for children and adults. You can enjoy in indoor and outdoor pools with pleasant thermal water, and there are many opportunities for children to have fun. Water slides, slow river, water attractions, and different pools will enable your youngest to have an interesting day full of adventures, which they will remember for a long time.


Picnic at the Krka River

Are you up for an unforgettable picnic at the Krka River?

Next to the Krka River in the town Velike Malence, there are some designated picnic areas with grills and benches. In the summer, there is also a ‘beech bar’ nearby providing food and beverages. It is also possible to bathe in the river, with suitable access points. You can take your children on an adventure by renting a boat or SUP boards.

Sport and water adventures

Ascent to Šentviška Gora and the Čatež Energy Trail

A forest adventure suitable for children – the Čatež Energy Trail leads from Terme Čatež along the embankment at the Sava River and to the town Čatež ob Savi. There you head into the forest on a path with marked energy points and then slowly climb up the mountain Šentviška Gora towards a breath-taking view over the whole area of Krško and Brežice.

At the top, there is also the Church of St. Vid (Cerkev sv. Vida), where you can ring the bell and make a wish. During the climb, you can meet Gorjan, a vigorous inhabitant of the mountain range Gorjanci from the turbulent medieval 16th century. You will have to uncover eight crates and remember the symbols hidden in these crates in the correct order. The last crate has the Gorjan’s secret password.

The Čatež energy trail


In the town Kapele, a few miles from Brežice, there is a460 ha (1.8 square miles) large area of moored grasslands called Jovsi, which is part of the protected natural area Natura 2000.

Kids can roam freely among different forest groups. This mosaic of moored land is home to one of the most endangered species of the corncrake. You can also observe different types of amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies, and beavers. Take a walk along the Corncrake Path that leads from Kapele, pass information boards and the lookout tower at the pond, and to the edge of the Jovsi area. The lookout tower can be interesting for all generations, but we need to stay as quiet as possible to experience Jovsi in their true nature. While observing different trees in the moorland, you can notice chewed trees, which means that there are beavers nearby. If you are lucky, you can also meet one.

Jovsi Natural Park

Horse-riding at the Zevnik Farm

The Zevnik Tourist Farm is a great choice for families with children, because the presence of animals calms people. Small children and those not used to horses can meet the pony Lucy and the peaceful Taras.

Children get to know all about horses and gradually start to discover their world. For children with special needs, hippotherapies can be organised. Those who are more experienced can go riding on the terrain or go to the riding school. At the end of an exciting day full of impressions, children can also play on the playground on the large terrace.

Horse Riding

Pump track and skate park

In the town of Brežic, next to the School of Economics, there is a pump track training ground.
Get your bikes, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters ready and go over the rounded bumps and turns! The driving range is an excellent opportunity for safe recreation, fun, and skills training for all generations.
There is a skate park near Lake Brežiška, where you can also test your skills with skateboards or rollerblades.
Spend your free time actively.

Walking along the Reservoir Lake and Cycling on Vrbina

A walk suitable for the oldest and the youngest visitors along the second largest reservoir in Slovenia, with paths on the dyke that enable a great view and a direct access to the Vrbina forest.

Children can observe fish paths near the electric power plant, throw rocks and roam freely far from any traffic and everyday bustle. While walking through Vrbina, you can listen to birds singing and maybe meet a herd of deer that roam on the nearby meadows. After a walk or bike ride, you can sit down in the skate park and observe youngsters performing different tricks. Even your children can join in on the action. If your family is more adventurous and you came to Brežice with an RV, you can park for free in the RV parking lot and go for a walk in the Old Town Centre.